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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are frequently grouped together as ‘STEM’. Not necessarily because of the content of the subjects, but because of the way of thinking that is required to be competent in any of the STEM subjects. Training in STEM skills teaches critical thinking and an important lesson in using knowledge and applying it in new ways, and it is this approach that employers within North Wales will be looking increasingly for within the emerging labour market across the region. The importance of the ‘STEM’ agenda is crucial in its linkages with the regional economic priorities for North Wales, particularly in growth industries in North Wales such as Energy, Environment, Advanced Manufacturing and Creative and Digital Media.

Children and young people need to be inspired, informed and educated at an early age about the benefits of STEM in order to take full advantage of employment projects North Wales has to offer such as Wylfa Newydd, Menai Science Park, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing and Energy Island projects.

The North Wales Economic Ambition Board, with partner organisations, has commissioned the development of this pack in response to findings from a recent audit of STEM activities delivered in North Wales  primary and secondary schools and further education colleges.

During the audit period in 2014, a total number of 1,674 STEM interventions were delivered in education establishments across North Wales,  however: ‘61% of the STEM education provided in North Wales can be classified as ‘one-off’ … Provision of random, one-off activities will do little to impact on young people’s subject and career choices.

These classroom materials have been developed with local employers to inspire and engage KS2 pupils on the value and relevance of STEM skills – from the classroom to the workplace. they provide an introduction to pupils in KS2 on the value and relevance of STEM subjects to their future jobs and careers in North Wales.

A strong partnership between the pupils, professionals and parents is key to the region providing a tailored workforce and a genuine interest in the opportunities that North Wales can provide as a sustainable career pathway for its children and young people.

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